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"Beautiful craftsmanship, perfect imaging and exquisite fidelity made the Exteris EA300SWs an absolute pleasure to review and nearly impossible to let go…Highly Recommended!"

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"The sound-stage and clarity is nothing short of breathtaking with these speakers and they have no problem saturating my entire backyard with wonderful sound"...

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"WOW!.. Fantastic speakers. The best outdoor stereo/speaker system I've ever owned"...

S.L. - Carrollton, Tx

"..the EA200SW are exposed to extreme weather conditions, snow, rain, high winds and -10 to 90 degree temperatures. The cabinet construction is high quality and after 4 months of experiencing snow, rain, sun and high wind, has not degraded. The low end has a nice punch, and a good balance between the mid’s and high octave."

R.M. - New Hampshire

Real Stone Outdoor Speaker/Stereo Products Overview

Exteris Audio manufactures and sells high quality outdoor speakers / outdoor stereo products designed to withstand harsh weather conditions including prolonged sun exposure and moisture in a weatherproof design using beautiful travertine stone veneer speaker cabinets.

Our stone outdoor speakers and outdoor stereo systems combine indoor floorstanding speaker styling in an extremely durable outdoor enclosure. The beauty of travertine stone is unsurpassed, which results in beautiful, stylish, and unique outdoor speakers not only for use in a wide variety of outdoor spaces, but for indoor spaces as well. Perfect for outdoor entertaining spaces, such as patios, decks, bars, kitchens, pool areas, and outdoor living rooms. Equally suited for indoor use in game rooms, sun rooms, and media rooms. The travertine veneer used to manufacture our outdoor speaker cabinets is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which allow our products to fit into virtually any outdoor or indoor decor. Visit our Collections page to see the variety of speaker/stereo systems we currently have in stock.

Acoustically speaking, travertine veneer is an ideal, and arguably superior, material for outdoor or indoor loudspeaker construction due to its rigid, low resonance properties. Music coloration due to cabinet vibrations is minimal and results in a sonic performance that is very clean and accurate, with pinpoint imaging. Please read our reviews to see what others are saying about the sound quality of our rock-solid speakers.

Weight issues are mitigated by using modular construction to fabricated four individual cabinets per system which are stacked to create the final tower speaker configuration. Integration of recessed handles into the cabinet backs further improves ease of assembly and movement. Compare our stone loudspeakers to any high quality tower speaker on the market today, and you will see that the weight of our stone speaker systems are comparable to traditional wood based construction typically used for indoor loudspeakers.

In addition, two distinctly different outdoor speaker model types are available: 1) traditional "hardwired" outdoor speakers, which connect to an indoor stereo system, and 2) "stand-alone" outdoor stereo/speaker systems, which offer enclosed low voltage marine grade all-weather stereo electronics and require NO indoor wiring connections.

Real Stone Outdoor Speaker/Stereo Product Highlights

  • 100% Natural travertine stone veneer produces elegant, beautiful speakers
    • No two speaker sets are ever exactly alike
    • Each cabinet is diamond polished to a silky smooth satin finish
    • Modular cabinet construction utilized for ease of movement and shipping
  • Multiple stone outdoor speaker/stereo models available
    • Model EA200/EA200SW: Hardwired connection directly to indoor home stereo systems
    • Model EA300SW: Stand-alone systems feature enclosed all-weather stereo electronics, a set of two-way outdoor speakers, and integrated dual outdoor subwoofer speakers. NO indoor connections required!
    • Model EA300SW-SA: Includes all the great features of our EA300SW, plus adds wi-fi/streaming audio connectivity for popular third-party streaming media receivers, such as Roku® Streaming Stick™ and Chromecast™, plus others* (* additional power adapter and/or cables may be required). Wireless streaming from your device, network music files, or from internet sites.. Use your iOS® and Android™ smartphone or tablet to control all your streaming music remotely. Again, NO indoor connections required!
    • All models of speakers Made in USA
  • Fully weatherproof outdoor design
    • Titanium dome tweeter and polypropylene woofer drivers
    • Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, nickel and gold-plated hardware
    • Stand-alone systems include temperature sensing for ventilation and heating to manage outdoor temperature extremes
  • Enclosed marine grade all-weather stereo, with CD/AM/FM/MP3/USB functions
    • Safe, low voltage operation - use any 12vac/120w outdoor lighting transformer
    • Custom high current, low noise dc power supply ensures high-fidelity low distortion music reproduction
  • Use our stone loudspeakers in any outdoor or indoor entertaining/living space
    • Outdoor patios, decks, living rooms, bars, kitchens, and pool areas
    • Indoor game rooms, sun rooms, and media rooms

Outdoor Audio+Bar™: Outdoor Powered Speakers + Drink Bar Product Highlights

  • Audio+Bar™ : The ultimate outdoor entertainment center!
    • Outdoor drink bar and high-fidelity powered speakers in one simple/beautiful cabinet.
    • One-inch thick cedar counter top, with folding extensions, and elevated bar top with LED lighting.
    • Twelve gallon insulated cooler with LED lighting and dual function access door.
  • Integrated 2-way weatherproof stereo speakers and 20w/channel amplifier
    • Safe, low voltage operation - use any 12vac/120w outdoor lighting transformer.
    • Universal hardware connectivity with weatherproof 3.5mm stereo jack and 5vdc USB charging port. Connect your phone, tablet, streaming audio receivers, such as Amazon Echo Dot, Chromecast™Audio, or Bluetooth® receivers, etc... [not included] NO indoor connections required!
    • Custom high current, low noise dc power supply ensures high-fidelity low distortion music reproduction.
  • Weatherproof outdoor design
    • Titanium dome tweeter and polypropylene woofer drivers.
    • Stainless steel, brass, and nickel fasteners.
    • Includes temperature sensing for ventilation and heating to manage outdoor temperature extremes.
  • Use our Audio+Bar™ in any outdoor space
    • Outdoor patios, decks, living rooms, kitchens, and pool areas.
  • Made in USA

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