Frequently Asked Questions About Our Outdoor Speakers / Outdoor Stereos

  1. I have never seen outdoor speakers like these, where all can they be used?
    Our stone outdoor speakers and stereo systems are perfect for any location with about one square foot of space for each speaker tower. They work great outdoors as speakers for patios, speakers for decks, pool side speakers, outdoor kitchen speakers, outdoor bar speakers, arbor speakers, etc. But don't just think of our speakers as outdoor speakers, they are also perfect as sun-room speakers, game-room speakers, and atrium speakers. Our stand-alone stereo systems make it easy to add a very elegant entertainment center to any location: outdoors, indoors, wet, dry, hot, cold - unlimited possibilities.
  2. Can your outdoor speaker and outdoor stereo systems be exposed directly to rain, snow, or ice?
    Yes, our speaker/stereo systems are fully weatherproof - regardless of the type of weather.
  3. Do I have to worry about wind blowing your speaker systems over?
    In general, no. When fully assembled, each speaker tower weighs around 70-80 pounds depending on the model, so the only wind risk is in the event of a tornado or hurricane.
  4. Do I have to worry about bumping into your speakers and knocking the top cabinet off or knocking the complete speaker tower over?
    The top cabinet is connected to the bottom cabinet in two ways: 1) via 4 stainless steel alignment pins; and 2) with a safety bracket that mechanically fastens the two cabinets together. The tower, when assembled as instructed, with its supports/feet firmly contacting the floor is very stable. However, common sense should be used in placing our speakers in an appropriate location.
  5. Are your outdoor speaker and stereo systems waterproof?
    No, our systems are weatherproof and water resistant which means when installed in the proper upright orientation, no water will enter the cabinets. Our systems are bass reflex designs that incorporate rear mounted bass ports, which provide a water resistant open air path from the interior of the cabinet to the exterior. Our cabinets 'breathe', so if any moisture were to actually enter the cabinet, it would evaporate and not be trapped.
  6. How do you prevent insects or other small pests from entering the bass ports?
    All bass port openings are protected with fine mesh screen and the air intake port on our model EA300SW system is protected with a small cell foam air filter.
  7. Do your cabinets use any wood based construction materials?
    No, there is no risk of rot occurring.
  8. Is the stone veneer you use cultured, a.k.a. man-made, or natural?
    100% natural travertine veneer.
  9. Is there an ideal install location for your outdoor speaker and outdoor stereo systems?
    Our outdoor speaker/stereo systems are designed and tested to withstand the rigors of open air installation. However, an install location with some shielding from direct moisture exposure and placement in front of a wall is the ideal location from the standpoint of minimizing maintenance, extending the 'like new' appearance, and improving bass performance. Also, our 'stand-alone' systems should be installed in a location that will provide shade during the heat of the day in the summer months. Direct sun exposure can cause very high internal cabinet temperatures and may activate the system's high temperature shut-down protection circuitry.
  10. What maintenance do you recommend for your outdoor speakers and stereos?
    Proper maintenance procedures are discussed in detail in our Owner's Manual and summarized below as follows:
    Cabinets - Since all natural stone has some level of porosity, it is important that a high quality sealer be used periodically. We use, and recommend, a water based color enhancing penetrating stone sealer to keep the veneer finish looking its best. If our speaker systems are exposed directly to rain, snow and ice, then treating the cabinets every 6 months is recommended. Indirect exposure, will reduce the application of fresh sealer to about every 12 months or less. A good test is to clean the top of a cabinet and sprinkle a few drops of water to see if they bead on the surface. If you don't see a nice round water bead, then it's time to reapply sealer. To remove dirt build-up, simply wipe cabinet with soft damp cloth.
    Grills - Dirt/contaminate build-up from the powder coated aluminum grills should be removed as needed or every 3 months by cleaning each grill in a solution of mild non-abrasive liquid detergent and water using a soft brush, being careful not to apply too much pressure, which may scratch the finish or bend the grill. Regular cleaning is especially important in coastal areas.
    Supports - Since the speaker supports are also powder coated aluminum, use the same procedure as for the Grills above.
    Woofers - To maximize woofer/subwoofer driver life, gently wiping dirt from the rubber surround with a soft damp cloth and applying a coat of Armor All® protectant will help prevent rot and extend life. It's recommended that cleaning and treatment take place each time the speaker grills are removed for cleaning.
  11. Are your 'stand-alone' outdoor stereo systems wireless?
    Yes and no. Our 'stand-alone' stereo systems are a self-contained all-weather stereo system with the audio electronics enclosed in one of the lower cabinets. So yes, speaker wire must be used to connect the two speaker towers together, but no indoor wiring is required.
  12. I'm concerned about electrical safety outdoors. Are your 'stand-alone' speaker systems safe to use in outdoor locations?
    Yes, our 'stand-alone' systems only use low voltage 12vdc stereo components. As such, you can place our speaker systems in any outdoor/wet location. Power required for our 'stand-alone' system is supplied by any UL Approved 12vac-120W outdoor/landscape transformer.
  13. Is the outdoor transformer included or do you sell it separately?
    No, the 12vac outdoor transformer is a customer supplied item, along with the required power cable. These items are readily available from any hardware or home improvement store such as Lowe's® or Home Depot®. Due to the size and weight, it is much more cost effective for you to purchase locally.
  14. I don't have a 110v electrical outlet close to where I would like to install one of your 'stand-alone' systems. Do I need to have an electrician install a special outlet for connection of the 12vac transformer?
    Unless your 110v outlet is a very great distance away from your planned install location, then you should be able to simply run a low voltage cable from the 12vac transformer to the power inputs on the back of the stereo cabinet. The 12vac source connects to our specially designed power supply to allow much longer low voltage cable runs than is normally possible.

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