WiFi/Streaming Outdoor Stereo Features

Exteris Audio EA300SW Real Stone WiFI/Streaming Audio Outdoor Stereo Exteris Audio EA300SW Real Stone WiFI/Streaming Audio Outdoor Stereo Functions


  • Indoor Sound Quality & Styling - Flexible Outdoor or Indoor Use

    No need to lower your audio expectations when the party moves outdoors. You can now experience outdoor audio that rivals indoor systems in sound quality and appearance.  

  • Rock-Solid Speaker Cabinets - A Sonic Difference You'll Love!

    Reducing speaker cabinet vibrations minimizes coloration of music reproduction, which results in very clean/tight bass, pinpoint imaging, and outstanding overall sonic accuracy. Close your eyes and the left and right channel disappear as your are transported into a seamless soundstage - with all the dynamics and excitement you expect from a live performance. Give our speakers a try; you will not be disappointed! 

  • Real Travertine Stone Veneer Construction - Unique and Beautiful Speakers!

    Simply put - travertine produces gorgeous speakers. The travertine veneer for each system is hand selected and matched to create the most attractive look, diamond polished to a satin finish and sealed, which results in a silky smooth finish with a slight sheen.  

  • Fully Weatherproof Design - Place in Any Location

    In addition to durable stone veneer cabinets, use of high quality rust-free hardware and weatherproof titanium & polypropylene speaker drivers ensure a long trouble free outdoor life.  

  • Modular Cabinet Design - Ease of Movement & Shipping

    Make no mistake. Our cabinets are real stone, but that doesn’t mean they are real heavy. Use of modular cabinet design splits the individual cabinet size and weight into manageable pieces. Each speaker tower is actually composed of two cabinets stacked on top of each other. Recessed handles mounted in the cabinet backs further improve ease of movement. 

  • Small Footprint Floorstanding Tower Speaker Design - Ease of Placement

    Setup anywhere - you only need about 12” x 12” of space per speaker tower. 

  • Aluminum Grills & Cabinet Supports with Exterior Grade Finish

    Pure aluminum speaker grills and cabinet supports are finished in exterior grade flat black powder coat finish for long-term outdoor durability. The grills are even reversible, which further extends the usable life. 

  • All models of speakers Made in USA.

    All of our speaker systems are proudly made here in the USA, which supports both the local and national economy.  

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